Masteron (drostanolone propionate and enanthate)

Masteron (drostanolone) is an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS). The drug has practically no phenomenon of conversion to estrogen. But, unfortunately, due to its affinity with dihydrotestosterone, most often when used it reveals the unpleasant effects inherent in DHT (read about this below in the article). Although the drug was initially launched in the form of propionate ester, today it is also available in the form of enanthate.

Origin story

Masteron (it didn’t have that name at the time) was developed in 1959 by the pharmaceutical company Syntex Pharmaceuticals (which was founded in 1944). Along with this, a synthetic drug no less known to us called Anadrol was made. M. entered the market only in 1970. It was originally sold under the brand names Masteril (Materialil) and Drostanolonum. Some time later, when the international pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company received the necessary license for the drug, it was sold under the trade name Drolban (Drolban). Initially, it was developed to fight breast cancer, but today it is mainly used in bodybuilding during the drying period.

The use of the drug in medicine and bodybuilding

Masteron has successfully established itself in medicine, showing excellent qualities in the treatment of the disease – postmenopausal breast cancer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA, USFDA) still approves its use for similar purposes. Despite its affordable use, drostanolone is rarely used today due to the better alternatives available to women.

In bodybuilding, the drug has shown good results when used to increase lean muscle mass and relieve the body. Most often, the substance is used in a combined course and gives less pronounced side effects. In some cases, their use as aromatase blockers (AI) is practiced.

What are the effects of Masteron?

Masteron, unlike testosterone, is a drug with a rather narrow spectrum of action. Due to its ability to bind to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), Masteron is excellent alongside other anabolic drugs. This property helps to increase the level of free testosterone in the body, which allows the athlete to achieve their goals in bodybuilding. A fuller picture of its action can be obtained by examining its inherent effects:

  • The expressed fat-burning effect – the main “victory” masteron, makes it especially priority during the “drying” period and shortly before the exit to the stage. Based on the numerous experiences of athletes, we can say that the drug can reduce fat by up to 8% from its initial level. But of course, do not forget that without a “clean” diet and cardio, this probability is not so high.
  • A small set of muscle mass. On the one hand, this effect will not appeal to those who set a goal, and on the other hand, Masteron will be a good option for those who care about improving sports performance, without being accompanied by taking excessive weight. Of course, in combination with other drugs, muscle growth will be greater than when used “alone”.
  • Probably an aromatase enzyme inhibitor. This means that the drug not only does not cause the typical “estrogenic” side effects, but is also a good preventative. Incidentally, during this period, Masteron was used for malignant breast tumors, but was taken out of medical practice due to its ability to cause masculinization.
  • Increase muscle “density” and “contour”. This is due not only to the fact that the drug does not cause fluid retention, but also to its mild diuretic effect. In this sense, almost all cases of drostanolone fall on bodybuilders preparing to go on stage.

Side effects

Drostanolone, due to its formula similar to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), can have a number of unpleasant effects, including:

  • The development of alopecia, which is caused by the depressant effects of dihydrotestosterone on the hair follicles . However, this effect is rare in athletes who are not genetically predisposed.
  • Enlarged prostate due to its sensitivity to high androgens. This manifestation is also genetically determined and in extreme cases can be prevented by taking finasteride. However, it should be remembered that finasteride, like any DHT blocker, can negate all the effects that make drostanolone a “special” drug in bodybuilding.
  • The potential for the development of acne, inherent in almost all androgens. The best prevention of this deforming phenomenon is to follow a proper diet and use special products that degrease the surface of the skin.

Based on the above, we can say that Masteron is a drug that is not suitable for everyone. Its tolerance is mainly determined by the genetically determined level of sensitivity of hair follicles and prostate cells to dihydrotestosterone. However, this also applies to Stanozolol, Trenbolone and other drugs with high androgenic activity.

Masteron and PKT course

Drostanolone is not only a good drug for “SOLO” use, but also combines well with almost all anabolic steroids (except methandienone, oxymetholone and oral stanozolol). According to many athletes, the combination of Testosterone Propionate or Testosterone Enanthate is particularly effective, which achieves the body recomposition effect (burning fat, which goes hand in hand with the growth of lean muscle mass).

Masteron should be used at a dose not exceeding 500 milligrams per week (200-500 mg/week). As with increasing doses, a parallel increase in effect is not observed. cuando se usan inyecciones de PROPIONATO de Drostanolona, ​​​​debido a la vida media de la sustancia, deben realizarse 2-3 veces por semana, y enantato (en el que la “vida media” es de 5-7 días), una vez per week. Its second form is becoming more popular with younger athletes who prefer longer flows.

So, using masteron propionate, the course will last 8-10 weeks. With the use of longer ether enanthate, the course duration is approximately 10-12 weeks. Also with particularly long courses, accompanied by high doses and combinations with other steroids, during which the introduction of gonadotropins may be necessary, it prevents testicular atrophy and facilitates post-course therapy.


Masteron – a unique drug that has an effect that can attract many athletes. However, this is overshadowed by the high risk of side effects, too high price and extremely low availability of the drug on the Russian anabolic steroid market. In addition, you must be very careful not to come across counterfeits, of which there are many today.