The Use of Clomid in Post Cycle Therapy

Today we are going to talk about Clomid, one of the most popular drugs used by athletes during post cycle therapy. You will learn about its pharmacological properties, dosage schedule and possible side effects.

Clomiphene citrate or Clomid is a drug that women take to improve their chances of pregnancy. It is an anti-estrogen that causes the pituitary gland to secrete the hormones needed to stimulate ovulation.

In addition to medical purposes, Clomid is also used in bodybuilding to activate the arch of the foot (hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary axis). In sports, it is one of the main drugs of the course and it is taken as part of post cycle therapy (PCT). Athletes appreciate it for its rare side effects, high efficiency and selectivity of action.

Clomiphene citrate is available as white or pale yellow tablets. One tablet contains 50mg of the active ingredient and inactive fillers (lactose, corn starch, sucrose, magnesium stearate).

After a course of anabolic steroids, the athlete’s body experiences a severe lack of follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) and luteinizing hormones (LH), the amount of which determines the level of testosterone. To restore its production, bodybuilders use various dietary supplements, herbal tinctures and other ineffective remedies. On the contrary, Clomid promotes an increase in FSH and LH in a short time, thus stimulating the production of testosterone. Literally in a few weeks, its level will correspond to the norm, and the amount of LH and FSH after stopping the drug will return to its previous value.

Clomid in PCT

Athletes do not take clomiphene citrate during an anabolic steroid cycle, as aromatase inhibitors are more suitable. Clomiphene is used after a course of AS, in PCT. This helps athletes maintain muscle mass through the rapid production of their own testosterone.

When to start using the drug depends on the steroids the athlete was taking. Each of them has its own half-life, and to take Clomid you will have to wait for it to end, since the steroid actively affects the hormonal system. As soon as its action ends, you can start post cycle therapy. It is recommended to start taking clomiphene citrate with a minimum dose, gradually increasing it.

The dosage of the drug depends on the degree of intensity of the course. The more steroids the athlete took, the longer the recovery time for the body. And the more you need to take Clomid in PCT.

If the course was very difficult, it is recommended to take 150 mg for the first 3 days, then 12 days for 100 mg, 15 days for 50 and 15 for 25 mg.

After an intense course, you will need to take 100 mg of the drug for 15 days, then 15-50 mg each and 15-25 mg each.

If the evolution of AC was average, take 50 mg of Clomid within 30 days, then 15-25 mg each.

After light therapy, the first 15 days the dose is 50 mg, then another 15-25 mg, and for the next 15 days you need to take 25 mg every other day. If the course was very light, the diet looks like this: 15 days for 50 mg and 15 for 25.

Side effects

Clomid rarely causes side effects, so it is considered a well-tolerated drug. If you do not exceed the dose, as a rule, no negative effects are observed. But it is still worth knowing them.

During clinical trials of the drug, the following side effects were observed:

  • vasoconstriction;
  • abdominal pain;
  • ovarian enlargement;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • chest discomfort;
  • headache;
  • Diarrhea.

Athletes and bodybuilders usually do not complain about the negative reactions of the body when taking the drug. But if they appear, it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor.